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Vol. 2 issue #341 September 11, 2011


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2 Ways to Do Sales and Customer Service

By Bill Millikin 

Here are two examples of sales and customer service I experienced recently. One is not so good and the other has me wanting to do more business with the company. This is a good example of the difference...

Method 1 - We don't care!.... A company website I recently visited states that they have an 'API,' which is a software provision offered by one company to enable other companies to do business with them easily through software connections. That's all they have on their site, just a statement that they have an API, which I am in need of if my client is going to work with a prospect of theirs.

I called their sales office 800 number to ask about it and landed on a recording stating that they checked their voice-mail several times throughout the day. I was to leave a detailed message about what I was inquiring about and they would get back to me soon.


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This was their SALES line, the 1st line of contact for people like me who want information. They weren't available and offered no way except voice-mail to be contacted. REALLY??

But wait - it gets better. I found another phone number for technical support, so called that number, and the pleasant person said yes, they have an API, but you can't get any information about it unless you are a client who has paid a special licensing fee to use it. So, I was unable to get any information that would help me determine whether this company was the right answer for what I was looking for.


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In Contrast: Method 2: Thank You for Doing Business with us!! Company B - called MailChimp.com - mentions their API on their website, and if you click on the link provided, takes you to the documentation for the entire API - how to use it, all the commands available, sample implementations and scripts - just about anything you could want in order to decide that this is a company you want to work with, including their pricing structure and how to become a client, which the other company didn't offer at all, either. (NOTE: The MailChimp API is elegant, simple and easy to use, and their documentation and video training materials are also top-notch.)

I wrote to them to thank them for the wonderfully helpful site and all the tools and help available and... they wrote back within an hour, thanking me for thanking them, and offering a T-shirt as a gift, if I provided my size. I didn't respond that day, and the next day, the same person sent me a second message reminding me that I hadn't provided my shirt size. REALLY?? Oh Yeah! You can believe I sent that shirt size along with another complimentary note immediately! - and they have already sent me the T-shirt, too!)

Compare that to the example in Company A. Company A, part of a large software business, has a sales line they don't answer and only releases information helpful to their sales efforts IF you are already a customer who has paid extra for the information.



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Company B - MailChimp - makes everything available, answers their phone and appreciates their customers!

I'm sure this is not an isolated example of poor marketing, sales and customer service compared to that of a business that truly appreciates and encourages customers to do business with them.

In YOUR company - do you make it easy or hard to do business with you? When someone does business with you, do you thank them and offer help, or extract extra fees to make it simpler and easier to do business with you?



At Hidden Marketing Assets, I provide monthly coaching to help business owners find ways to improve sales and marketing strategies. Read about it at: http://coachingprogram.hidden-marketing-assets.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bill_Millikin   


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