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Home Business Online - How To Use Custom Animation In PowerPoint For Your Video Marketing Campaign

By Nina E Poeton 

Slide show presentation videos have reportedly been proven to be more effective for your home business online video marketing than videos of someone talking to camera. This is mainly because the slides change and move, which keeps the viewer's attention for longer. Basic use of Custom Animation in Microsoft Office PowerPoint, enables the captions of the presentation to roll as you speak, creating more movement in your video and, more importantly, keeping your audience engaged.

Getting started

Let's begin with the opening screen of Microsoft Office PowerPoint and the first slide of your slide show presentation.

The first section of text on your slide does not need to be animated, as it will automatically appear when you move to that slide. So, highlight the second section of text on your slide and click on "Animations" in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Then click on "Custom Animation", which opens up a pane on the right hand side of your screen.


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Adding An Effect

Next, click on "Add Effect," then go to "Entrance." You will see that there are several different effects you can add to animate your text for your home business online videos. You can play around with these to see what they do, but to simply make your captions or text appear one after the other as you speak, you need to select "Appear."

The Custom Animation Pane

You will see that the animation you have just created appears in the pane on the right and the number that corresponds to it is highlighted next to the section of text you have just animated on your slide. This is useful when you have several animations on one slide and need to rearrange the order they appear in.

The picture of a mouse next to the animation in the pane means that the animation will start with the click of your mouse. This allows you to control the timing, depending on how quickly or slowly you speak in your slideshow videos.

Continue to add animations in this way for the rest of the slides in your home business online slide show, remembering that you do not need to animate the first section of text on each slide.

Deleting An Animation

If you need to delete an animation, click on it in the Custom Animation pane and then press the delete button on your keyboard.



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Testing Your Animations

To test your animations, click on "Slide Show", at the bottom of the Custom Animation pane, and then click with your mouse or use the spacebar to change slides and to animate the text.

This basic use of Custom Animation in PowerPoint will make a big difference to your home business online slideshow videos..


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Best of luck!

Thank you for reading.

I'm on a mission to help you succeed with your home business online, so that you have more time for the things in life that matter the most.

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To your success,
Nina Poeton

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