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Vol. 3 issue #350 February 26, 2012



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What You Need To Know About Business Networking

By Craig J Calvin

Businesses that use the latest technology in networking find that they are able to communicate much faster than ever before. In order to make quick contact with another organization or business associate, we have developed multiple computer systems and programs, cell phone and cell phone applications, instant messaging, email, video conferencing and so much more.

Telecommunications has become something that many businesses cannot run successfully without. The way we communicate with each other, on personal and business levels, has become streamlined, focused on ease of use and the rapid exchange of information while still performing other tasks.


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Company meetings can take place over the Internet, using a video conferencing program, over a worldwide conference telephone call or even by text, although this last method still isn't going to hold the professional merit to be used often. Texting is frequently found to be cold and impersonal and not the proper way to hold a company meeting.

However, we are able to communicate with other businesses and associates through many of the other technological discoveries that have come to light in the last few decades. The use of telecommunications, such as email and instant messaging, has replaced time consuming and often costly phone calls between companies that might be thousands of miles away from each other. We are able to communicate with companies around the world easily, notifying them of changes instantly or proposing new deals, terms or conditions. The savings in telephone calls alone are enough to prompt many companies to invest in the latest technological communication devices. Cellular phones have become hand held computers, able to go on the Internet, make purchases, conference with others, instant message and, of course, text.


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Being able to speak to somebody that is across the world, even see them on a video conferencing device, is helpful for organization men and women everywhere. It is a proven fact that being able to see the men and women you're doing company with is very beneficial. Many businesspeople study behaviors in other individuals, watching for telltale signs whether they are in good hands or not. Before the age of this new technology, a costly jet charter trip was necessary if the person wished to be able to view the other person during the transaction. Often, company deals fall through or cannot be completed because of the restrictions placed on telephone conversations, such as time, or the cold, impersonal nature of email.


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Whatever way you look at it, business networking has come a long way from the days when people were sending letters through the mail and waiting weeks for a response. Delays in business have decreased tremendously because of the use of computerized networking technology.




Craig J Calvin is a Platinum Author Platinum Level Expert Author from the United States and has been writing exines with them since Jul 28, 2009. He has 69 Published Articles. If you are interested in six sigma black belt certification or another aspect of the 6 sigma process check out stupidcupid.org

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Craig_J_Calvin


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