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Vol. 3 issue #352 March 25, 2012


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Data - The Core Value In All B2B Leads

By Kurt Wyatt

When you're in advertising, you should know how valuable information can be in your marketing efforts. It lets you know what medium to use, what your target consumers are like, and what's the proper timing for campaign execution.

On the other hand, similar (if not same) reasons apply when it comes to lead generation efforts. The only difference is that this time, the interest you gather is explicitly for yourself and for nobody else. In advertising, the information you gather was for the benefit of getting people interested in your client's products and services. On the other hand, getting advertising leads is about getting decision makers interested in your company and your company alone. You're not doing this for anyone else.


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Hence, it's why it's arguably more difficult because decision makers aren't easily convinced by advertising methods. You might even need to be well-informed beforehand just so you can bypass obstacles that keep you from making contact.

Speaking of which, one reason why advertising methods don't work is because they're too general. In other words, as much as how research on culture groups and demographics benefit advertising tactics, they're counterproductive when it comes to individual companies. And by individual, you can bet that each decision maker would stress their preference for companies that actually care about their problems individually and not as a generalized bunch. They also don't get their attention as much so you'll need to be more direct (e.g. email marketing, telemarketing etc).

Once again, the importance of information emphasizes itself. If you're serious about getting them interested then you need to start building up a database to store all the information you've gathered so far. You'll also need analysts to refine it for maximum quality. Asides from that, what you've gathered will be wasted if you don't know how to make good use of what you know to get by gatekeepers and answer whatever possible questions a decision maker might ask.


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All of this will come at a high price and it can only escalate from there if you make too many inexperienced mistakes.

Most B2B companies though are smart enough to admit that they don't have risk these costs by doing it themselves. They can always outsource something like a telemarketing group to show them the exact step-by-step process in generating sales leads. The latter in turn are usually expected to be transparent with their process, meaning they shouldn't be afraid to share everything they know to their clients.


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Why not outsource them yourself? It will save you the costs of hiring, training, and other hassle that comes with getting the vital information that lies at the heart of every qualified lead. Just because certain methods are deemed important and unavoidable, doesn't mean you need to try them with an experienced hand. In the end, it's the data that still matters most to maximize your chances for a successful sale. As the saying goes, 'knowledge is power.' If you have to outsource another group for it, then do it!



Kurt Wyatt is a B2B lead generation and appointment setting specialist that aids direct marketing and advertising companies in generating quality sales leads and appointments. Kurt invites you to visit http://www.dmacentral.com for more information.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kurt_Wyatt    


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