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Vol. 3 issue #353 April 8, 2012


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The Two Things You Love Most Are Muddying Up Your Business

By Mark H Silver

"Bwoke!" My two-year old son was sitting in the bath trying to find the missing piece to one of his bath toys.

Of course, being two years old, "looking for" consisted of looking at me with a truly pitiful expression, and saying "Bwoke!" (his version of "broken"). The soap had clouded the water, so as I was running my hands all over the bottom of the tub, David ever more urgently pleaded, "Bwoke!" while shaking the remaining piece of the toy in my face.

Eventually, I found it... The little thingamadoodle was floating. I had been looking too deep, and missed it entirely. David was relieved, and so was I.

Your clients have something that's broken, and they are looking to you to fix it. We can use a lot of nice-nice holistic language around what's broken, and say things like "challenge" or "growth opportunity." But the truth is that when a client is struggling with something in their life, they are saying "bwoke!" not "gwowth oppotoonafish.".


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The way you communicate about your business is what's going to let them know whether they've found an answer or not. And if past conversations with hundreds of business owners (and exactly two 2 year olds) proves anything, I'm thinking you're looking too deep.

Get 'Em Started, This is Where They Go

When I speak with clients about that most fundamental of conversations, who they are trying to reach, within two sentences they usually are talking instead about what they do, or why they love what they do so much and their unique perspective on it.

This may be a little uncomfortable to hear, but I know exactly why folks go to those two subjects. It's the difference between talking about themselves versus talking about their clients.

You see, when you have something beautiful you want to do, it's a cherished, sacred venture. Of course you want to talk about it.


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But that wasn't the question. It's too deep. It's about you. They aren't there yet. They first need to talk about what's on the surface, about them.

In creating a crystal clear and powerful focus to your business, you need to be clear on three things. It's easy to jumble them together, but that won't help. You need to get clear about each in isolation.

The Three Things

1. Who you are trying to reach, and what they struggle with.

Need help with this? I recommend The Heart-Centered Answer to "What Do You Do?".

2. Your unique presence, personality, voice, both at a heart and soul level, and at a personality level.

The soul level is beautiful, impactful, profound. The personality level can be zany, irreverent, serious, tender. The combination of personality and soul makes for a juicy connection.

This is, incidentally, when implemented throughout your business in a consistent manner, called "branding." Branding is simply the experience that people have with your business. Is it consistent? Is it memorable? Does it foster trust and love?

3. Your offer. What you're selling.

In other words, how you're going to deliver the help. How you put your offer together, what's included, how it's priced, is a critical part of your business, because that's how you get paid.


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It deserves being paid attention to all on its own. Of course, a developed business will have more than one offer. And each offer needs its own clarity.

Clarity x3

Once you get clear on all three of these, congratulations, you've found the toy! Your client is no longer saying "Bwoke!" and is instead smiling and happily chewing on your offer.

If you're not clear yet, schedule three completely separate think-heart-sessions and fish each out of the bathtub, one at a time.




Mark Silver, founder of Heart of Business, helps microbusiness owners build a bigger business without losing their heart. Get effective business practices through his widely read and acclaimed newsletter. Please join at http://www.heartofbusiness.com/new-here

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mark_H_Silver     


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