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Vol. 3 issue #361 August 12, 2012



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How To Use Forum Marketing

By Ivan Reyes   

Marketing Using Online Forums

Marketing with online forums is still a tried and true tool at your disposal. It's an often overlooked tool and we'll explore some tips on using it here.

Focus Your Marketing

When choosing an online forum to begin marketing in you want to choose something that relates to the product or services you're offering. For example, if you offer online marketing services you'll want to focus on forums that discus this and related topics. A forum discussing cooking recipes is not what you want to choose. Do a search for reputable forums and begin slowly posting valuable content within those forums.



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Obey The Forum Guidelines

Pay attention to the rules for each online forum. They are different for each forum. The forum guidelines are there to allow everyone to positively benefit from the discussion within the forums. Guidelines about linking to websites, spamming, and self-promotion are a part of all reputable forums. If you decide not to obey these rules you'll likely be banned from the forums or have your account on that website terminated.

Create And Update Your Profile

Your profile is very important on any website you use to market your product. Your profile allows people to know a little more about you personally as well as your expertise in a particular area. Upload a photo, and include a link to your personal website or business Facebook page. Keep your profile info short but interesting. Just enough to keep your readers engaged.


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Do Not Get Into Arguments

Some people use forums to incite arguments. As a professional you should avoid this at all costs. People who incite arguments are not professionals. Once you engage in insults this lessens your own professionalism and your marketing efforts will decrease significantly. Avoid controversial topics like politics and religion, and avoid insults. I also have no problem reporting people who are obviously hurling insults. Doing this gets these people out of your way and everyone else's way.


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Use An Affective Call To Action

A call to action is a couple of sentences that encourages other people to either link to your website or sales pages. You can also use famous quotes or banners. This can also be incorporated into your signature that accompanies the end of every forum post. Be creative because a good signature will cause users to develop an interest in you and your product.

Online forum marketing takes only a little time but can be very effective. Slowly but surely you will build rapport within the forums and more people will visit your landing pages.

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I'm a 20 year veteran of promotional marketing and sales having worked in the nightlife and bar industry. Though I was successful, I was never fulfilled. I also worked my but off for lots of aggravation.

Now, I'm taking my knowledge of marketing and helping people make large sums of money on the internet. That being said, internet marketing will be my number one business for a long time to come. Stay tuned to my blog and articles as I dispense valuable information and insight on many different topics related to making money online as you'll see when you stroll through my articles. Enjoy!

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