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                Free Marketing & Promotion Newsletter
   Vol. 3 issue #378 Aug 21, 2013 

Hi Bogdan Fiedur



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Classified Advertising , Don’t Ignore it, We are #6000 in the world

Classified Advertising – D˙˙’t Ignore it. Netcraf˙’s March 2012 website survey discovered 644,275,754 active websites in the world! 
We are #6000 in the world. That means that Adlandpro is in the very top of the very top 1% of websites in the whole world! 
Now THAT is where I would want to advertise!!

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Affiliate Marketing Myths

When I came online I fell into many of the myths of affiliate marketing that caused me to mistrust affiliate marketing, but thankfully I have changed my point of view!

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Free Online Classified Advertising,The AIDA Formula

Tweeting after death˙– A New Digital Legacy?Using the AIDA formula when creating an ad for a free online classified advertising site is the most effective tool you will use to get prospects and make sales.


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Linkis Review

Tweeting after death˙– A New Digital Legacy?
˙’m sitting here reading what ˙’ve written so far, while playing with Linkis, and˙˙’m thinking, “Wow! If I was reading this somewhere else, I’d think it was some real hype! lol!˙” But no, I am not an affiliate of Linkis and am not getting paid for my opinion. I˙’s just that this really is that good.

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Business or Hobby

The fact that you are here on this site reading this blog is a strong indication that you’re serious about building a successful, long-term business for yourself and your family. But remember, this IS business and any business takes time to build.

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How to Choose a Good Company

I am still hearing affiliate marketers wonder why they should have to have a business blog and then ask what to put on them. Here are my top 3 reasons for having a business blog and 20 ways to spice them up.

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How to find customers using Social media

Do you know how to find customers using social media? Some thoughts and one very cool tip by Jay Baer that could make all the difference!

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 Affiliate Marketing Tip˙– Listening

Tweeting after death˙– A New Digital Legacy?an important affiliate marketing tip, learn how to use social listening when it comes to your brand (you) as well as the product you are affiliating with.


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Effective Affiliate marketing Strategies

Tweeting after deat˙˙– A New Digital Legacy?
Affiliate marketing takes strategy and I think the most important strategy you will ever have starts with you..do you want to be a good affiliate marketer? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to learn and succeed in this career?


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 Adlandpro Traffic Exchange

Tweeting after deat˙˙– A New Digital Legacy?
In the early day of traffic exchanges, they were few in number, and really were just about the only way to get noticed online.

Google did˙’t exist, online classified advertising was in its infancy, safelists didn’t exist, and spam was something you either fried or put in a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

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E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop

Part 24 Classified Ads - Building Traffic Part 4 New
Part 23 Press release - Building Traffic Part 3 New
Part 22 Word of mouth and social media advertising - Building Traffic Part 2 New

Part 21 Submit your site to search engines- Building Traffic Part 1 New 

Part 20 Accepting Payments- Credit Cards, Bank transfers, Checks

Part 19 Color, fonts, pictures, newsletter, voice, order button - Your sales letter

Part 18 Benefits, bonuses, guarantee, order - Your sales letter

Part 17 Headline and powerful testimonial - Your sales letter 
Part 16 Your sales letter
Part 15 Hosting - Site Design Part 4
Part 14 Rules of Website Design 
Part 13 Search Engine Optimization

Part 12 Website builder
Part 11 Your Domain
Part 10 Your USP 
Part 9 Survey your potential customers 
Part 8 Start looking for your customers

Part 7 Research your competition
Part 6 Determine your competition 
Part 5 Determine demand for your solution
Part 4 Determine search keywords for your solution
Part 3 Your business ideas 
Part 2 Your passion 
Part 1 Design/Plan Your Entire Year 
Introduction (Can your last year's failure be this year's success?)



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