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   Vol. 3 issue #379 Nov 3, 2013




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Profile Images


Profile images are the avatars people use to visually identify themselves on blogs, social networks, forums, communities and other member sites, where many people come to visit. How important IS your avatar?

The Autoresponder!


I know many people who use autorepsonders, but do they use them properly and what the heck do you use them for that will help with your business or even blogging?

Adlandpro Friday News Roundup| 25.10.2013


The Friday news roundup sharing news about Adlandpro from the inside out including great forums,great members, inspirational stories and sharing news about the Adlandpro blogging community.

Self-Promotion tips


Listen carefully “self-promotion” “promoting yourself” do you hear the difference? Tips on how to promote yourself in ways that will help you with your success.

Good Software


Good software is available free, so why pay for good software? Seriously…

Happy Thanksgiving!


Its Columbus Day in the U.S and thanksgiving in Canada. This short post is about saying thank you with a gift from my home to yours.

Adlandpro Friday News Roundup|11/10|2013


The Friday news roundup from Adlandpro talks about gratitude & of course the news from and around Adlandpro the social community


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Free Software


Free software – the who, what, when, why, where, and how questions answered for you …

Adlandpro Friday Roundup|October 4,2013


A Friday roundup with a tribute to a special woman who is gone but will never be forgotten. Branka Babic will always be a part of our lives and she will be missed

How to Earn Trust


How often have you seen a new e-book or software program being offered as THE answer to ALL your marketing needs for “only” $397, going down to $49.95 if you close the window often enough, only to see it being given away a short time later as an incentive for some other program. Why? Because it only sells well for a while until people begin to realize they bought baloney…

Content Curation Pros and Cons


Content curation is a great tactic for promoting yourself, but you need to understand the pros and cons to fully make it work for you.

The Best Free Anti-Malware of 2013


Some of the best anti-malware software of 2013 has been tested, ranked and run for over half a year, already, and it has undoubtedly saved a lot of computing devices. It is also free…

What about social media spam?


Everyone hates social media spam, but there are many people who do this dastardly behavior every day. Do you know how not to spam on social networks?



…a conversion is when a visitor to your website responds positively to your call to action. In the case of affiliates or online stores, that means they buy something from you…


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E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop


Part 26 Affiliate program - Building Traffic Part 6 New
Part 25 Classified Ads - Building Traffic Part 5 New

Part 24 Classified Ads - Building Traffic Part 4

Part 23 Press release - Building Traffic Part 3

Part 22 Word of mouth and social media advertising - Building Traffic Part 2

Part 21 Submit your site to search engines- Building Traffic Part 1

Part 20 Accepting Payments- Credit Cards, Bank transfers, Checks

Part 19 Color, fonts, pictures, newsletter, voice, order button - Your sales letter

Part 18 Benefits, bonuses, guarantee, order - Your sales letter

Part 17 Headline and powerful testimonial - Your sales letter
Part 16 Your sales letter
Part 15 Hosting - Site Design Part 4
Part 14 Rules of Website Design
Part 13 Search Engine Optimization

Part 12 Website builder
Part 11 Your Domain
Part 10 Your USP
Part 9 Survey your potential customers
Part 8 Start looking for your customers

Part 7 Research your competition
Part 6 Determine your competition
Part 5 Determine demand for your solution
Part 4 Determine search keywords for your solution
Part 3 Your business ideas
Part 2 Your passion
Part 1 Design/Plan Your Entire Year
Introduction (Can your last year's failure be this year's success?)



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