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Vol. 1 issue #65  Jun 03, 2003


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How I Got Millions of People to Subscribe to My Newsletters Part I

2003 By  Mark Joyner

Section A: "Meaningful Selective Co-Registration"

A you probably already know, I have some of the largest opt-in lists in the world.  Millions of people have subscribed to our lists over the years.  (And, no, we're not talking about spam or junk subscribes.)

Make no mistake - your subscriber list is your most powerful weapon in the Internet Marketing war.

How did we do it?

Well, three key concepts: "meaningful selective co-registration", "viral marketing", and "multiple streams of subscribers".

A. Meaningful Selective Co-Registration

Co-registration is where your subscription piggy-backs on another subscription or sign-up form somewhere else.

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For example, a fr_e email service asks you to sign up.  During the sign up process they ask you if you also want to subscribe to a few fr_e newsletters, or receive various notifications via email.

That's co-registration and it is perhaps one of the most effective means ever devised of building an opt-in list.

The problem is, most co-registration systems are: meaningless and non-selective.  So, you may end up with a heap of subscribers, but they are worthless to you.

They are meaningless because they establish no relationship with the subscriber.  If the subscriber goes to sign up for a fr_e email account, he's not going to remember that he signed up for "Bob's Fishing Tips".

They are non-selective because most of these co-registration systems are driven by greed.  ("Yes, Bob, I'll add the option for people to subscribe to your Fishing Tips newsletter on my Marilyn Manson Fan Club newsletter.  Just pay me $1 for every subscriber we give you, OK?")

Co-registration when meaningful and selective is frighteningly powerful.

Let me give you an example.  When people submit a URL to the Aesop index, they are also given the option to sign up for my Mind Control Marketing letters.  They also automatically agree to receive the Aesop Search Engine News (it's a condition of their listing).

The MCM list is comprised of people who want innovative and powerful ideas for marketing their products through the Internet. If someone is submitting a URL to an engine, it's a safe bet they are interested in innovative ways to market online.

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Since they submitted a URL to the Aesop engine, the relationship is clear.  We only present two options, so it's selective ...

And as you can see, both of the relationships are meaningful to the recipients.

So, does this work?  Yes - like crazy.

Not only are the relationships strong, but the volume is massive.
We get thousands of submissions to the Aesop engine every single day - as I write this yesterday we received 17,478 URL submissions (yes, in one single day).

Mark Joyner is the CEO of Aesop.com, the #1 Best-Selling Author of "MindControlMarketing.com" and the creator of some of the most visited websites in the world.  Mark is leaving the Internet Marketing business and giving everything away to a lucky 2,000 people.  The actual source code for the systems mentioned above is included in the package as well as two data CDs with source code for almost every system Mark has ever created and 18 audio CDs where Mark is grilled for hours by 14 of the world's greatest Internet Marketing experts. He gets into even greater detail in those CDs and reveals things he has never revealed before.   Only 2,000 will be sold, so be sure to get yours before they are gone: Click Here to see it for yourself.

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