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Vol. 1 issue #66  Jun 10, 2003


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How I Sold Millions of Dollars in Products and Services Over the Net on a Zero Dollar Ad Budget Part II

2003 By  Mark Joyner

Section A: "Newsletter Promotions"

I feel really bad for the old-school direct marketers.  At the same time, I have a tremendous respect for them.

Greats like Ted Nicholas (wonderful human being), Gary Halbert (hates me - I never met him ;-), Joseph Cosman (knew him briefly, may the wonderful man rest in peace) ... These guys really had it rough!

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Back then, if you wanted to sell something through direct marketing, you had to take rather significant risks.

That is, even a small direct-mail marketing test is going to cost you a decent amount of money.  When you start talking about  magazines, TV, and radio the costs are quite prohibitive.

You may not realize how pampered we are on the Internet! 

We are blessed with so many free forms of advertisement that I've never had the need to branch out into other forms.

Sure, I've experimented with a few others forms of advertising here and there, but I've always gone back to my "good old" free Internet advertising methods.

So, when I say "free Internet advertising", do you think I'm referring to:

FFA Pages ... ?  Nope.
Search Engines ... ? Nope.
Classifed Ads ... ? Nope.

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Unfortunately, none of the blatantly obvious free forms of Internet Advertising are going to get you these huge results.

The 3 main techniques I used (which I believe are the three most powerful techniques on the net) are:

Newsletter Promotions 
Affiliate Marketing
Article Submissions

... and sometimes various combinations thereof.

** Newsletter Promotions **

It's very hard to beat the power of a great offer to a warm list of email subscribers.

In part I of this series I told you how to grow your lists of enormous size, but size, in this case, doesn't really matter ...

Well, it matters, but more important than the size of your list is your relationship with your list.

That is, if you pummel people with nonsense offers twice a day then you aren't building up much of a relationship with your list ...

Well, it's a relationship of sorts.  The relationship is: you bug them, they ignore you.

You should provide useful value to your list.  Offer them things that will truly help them.  Over time, they'll love you for it.

While you do this, you can work in your marketing in various ways.  (That's a whole other article - or an entire book ...)


Affiliate Marketing
Article Submissions to be continued next week
Mark Joyner is the CEO of Aesop.com, the #1 Best-Selling Author of "MindControlMarketing.com" and the creator of some of the most visited websites in the world.  Mark is leaving the Internet Marketing business and giving everything away to a lucky 2,000 people.  The actual source code for the systems mentioned above is included in the package as well as two data CDs with source code for almost every system Mark has ever created and 18 audio CDs where Mark is grilled for hours by 14 of the world's greatest Internet Marketing experts. He gets into even greater detail in those CDs and reveals things he has never revealed before.   Only 2,000 will be sold, so be sure to get yours before they are gone: Click Here to see it for yourself.

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