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Vol. 1 issue #67  Jun 17, 2003


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How I Sold Millions of Dollars in Products and Services Over the Net on a Zero Dollar Ad Budget Part II

2003 By  Mark Joyner

Section B: 
** Affiliate Marketing **

** Article Submissions **
Continuation from 

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** Affiliate Marketing **

I had hundreds of thousands of affiliates for my various companies (and I'll show you how I accomplished that later in this series), but you know what?  That didn't really matter so

That's right.  Only about 10% of my affiliates did anything at all and less than 1% did anything worth mentioning.

No disrespect to the guys who tried and failed, but that's the truth.  Most affiliate program owners won't admit this.  Why? Well, they want you to believe the lie: "sign up today and earn thousands of dollars tomorrow!"

Now, you can in fact get more mileage out of the "little guys" if you provide tools for them that will automate for them the process of selling.  StartBlaze was a great example of this.
It was so effective at getting the average guy to pass on the word that we were able to make it the #37 most visited site in the world in 6 weeks.

But even still ... the real power of an affiliate program lies in its ability to provide a structure for Joint Venture (JV) marketing.

This has been a great source of power for me.  By providing major players a compelling reason (i.e. money) to promote my products for me, I was able to tap into the promotional power of their lists as well as my own.

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..


** Article Submissions **

This is a great technique that most people don't have the energy to master (that's why I created the [now unavailable] product called Web Hit Machine - to automate the process of writing and submitting articles).

Here's how it works:

a.  You write an article about a topic related to your products and services.

b.  You get it published in electronic newsletters.

c.  At the bottom of your article you include an "author byline" that tells who you are, and ... you guessed it ... what you're selling.

This sounds quite simple, but it's actually incredibly effective.

Why?  Well, when you write a thoughtful and informative article people who read it will automatically see you as an expert.

When people see you as an expert, they are more likely to buy your products.

Of course mastering these techniques takes practice, but, hand on the bible, those three simple techniques are responsible for selling millions and millions of dollars of my products and services - all on a zero dollar ad budget.

Stay Tuned for Part III: How I Found Hundreds of Thousands of

Mark Joyner is the CEO of Aesop.com, the #1 Best-Selling Author of "MindControlMarketing.com" and the creator of some of the most visited websites in the world.  Mark is leaving the Internet Marketing business and giving everything away to a lucky 2,000 people.  The actual source code for the systems mentioned above is included in the package as well as two data CDs with source code for almost every system Mark has ever created and 18 audio CDs where Mark is grilled for hours by 14 of the world's greatest Internet Marketing experts. He gets into even greater detail in those CDs and reveals things he has never revealed before.   Only 2,000 will be sold, so be sure to get yours before they are gone: Click Here to see it for yourself.

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