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Vol. 1 issue #69  Jun 30, 2003


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$50 = $50
2003 By  Henry Gold

Recently, I received many emails from webmasters that inquire questions like: "Henry, My ad does not pull that much sales?", "How much profit can I anticipate from my advertisement?", "Do you think this marketing technique really works?"

After reading messages from those webmasters, I concluded some UNSOLVED mystery about ad and profit. When you advertise, you need to know that if you spend $50 and result in $50 in profit, that is EXCELLENT.

It is the same theory that if you spend $5,000 = $5,000 profits, you are in good shape.

>> $5,000 is too much, Henry?

I am not saying that you need to spend $5,000 for your ad. I am just letting you know that when you are making 100% from your investment, you are ready to make another ad campaign.

>> Henry, I don't want to make only 100%!!

Of course you don't. One good excuse is every time you got into marketing campaign, you need to make some improvements.


Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

Well, you can do it by changing your website design, your sales letter, or even your secure payment method...

I have done many advertisements since 1999. Here are the results from what I got from the VERY SAME AD, but different sales letter: (If you're already members,
you can find it at: http://www.make1million.com/members )

Mar 13,2003: (Solo ads to 43,000 subscribers)
the sales letter: (Mar 13 version)

RESULT: 295 NEW subscribers and 7 sales

Apr 10,2003: (Solo ads to 41,000 subscribers)
the sales letter: (Original version)

RESULT: 571 NEW subscribers and 25 sales

>> Henry, why did you change it?

Every time I did an advertisement, I always VISIT my site to see why the sales were slow compare to before...? What had happened?

It must have some reasons.... Don't tell yourself that your website is simply not working.

Here are some of approaches that help....

1. Does your website content sound too good to be true?

ON Mar 13,2003, I was changing my website to an old fashion way in which what "Most Hype Marketing gurus"

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..


My title was "Make $19,000/week from home..." Those people who are allergy to those hype marketers ignore this title themselves.

>From the title itself, you are SURELY going to lose 50% of your sales.

2. Is your sales letter difficult to read?

If you compare to my original version, you will find out that the Mar 13 version has a little changes...
Where is that?

If you look at: The "Mar 13" version: "Here are some of my strategies you will discover....."

The Original Version: "Here are some lists of what "make1million" member...."

Compare to both contents, it's very difficult to get the meaning of what I am trying to mention in the content with a small and narrow box. Visitors are required to read every details.... and you know they won't do that.

3. Is your web content simplified enough to attract your visitors?

Scroll down to the very bottom part of Mar 13 version (old.html) and compare with my original version.

In my original letter, I mentioned:

"Are you ready to Start Making Money Online?"

Can you compare with what I wrote in the Mar 13 version? If you couldn't find it, read again the letter... I wrote: "Ask Yourself these questions..."

>> What is the different, Henry?

My original version is easier to understand and more challenging people's mind.

On the other hand, the "Mar 13" version will be ignored by 90% of my web visitors.

As a conclusion, if you would like to change your website from "$50 = $50" to "$50 = $200" or more, you need to Re-examine your website every time you do the advertisements.

>> Henry, What happen if my website does not generate $50 = $50?

If your website is simply break even or losing money, you need to watch out two things:

A. The company that you advertised your website on.

Many companies are offering hype advertising methods. If you are just trying one company and results in NO sales, you should try two others different companies.

We're living in the world that is full of scams. Therefore, if the results are still below the break even or not even making you 100% in profits, you MUST:

B. Look at your web content.

Read on what you wrote and ask yourself whether you are interested in buying your products... If you do or don't know, ask other marketers about their opinions.

I hope this gives you some ideas....

And if you would like to find out which online marketing strategies work well and which do NOT, look at my website guide "Make 1 Million". It comes with unlimited consultation. You'll find it in intro page of
http://www.make1million.com site.

Success is yours,
Henry Gold

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** Article by Henry Gold. Henry is recognized as one of
the most successful Work-At-Home expert.
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Internet Marketing, Free E-book, software, animation, and
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