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Vol. 1 issue #90  Nov 29, 2003


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The Winning Combination
2003 By  Bob Osgoodby

We could all take a lesson from children. As they are growing
up, and learning right from wrong, they are constantly testing to  see what they can do, and what is not acceptable.

I see hundreds of ads everyday on the web, and while there are  some good ones, most fall into the "ho-hum" variety, and some are  downright awful. Now this isn't bad, if they are testing to see  what is going to work, and what isn't.

Free Classifieds

Have you ever wondered why some sites fail while others  succeed? The funny thing is this. The sites that fail often  look better, have better graphics, great sales letters,  offer excellent customer service and more than the sites  that succeed.
So what makes them fail?
What is the difference between success and failure  on the Internet?
Traffic Is The Answer!
No matter how good your sales letter is, how pretty your  graphics are or how great your product is, without enough  visitors you will not make sales!
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2) Buying ezine advertising
3) Getting 'Page One' listings in the major search engines.  Using Time consuming Advanced Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) Techniques.
4) Banner ads
5) Popunder ads
6) And more.
As good as these methods are, they all suffer from one fatal flaw.
They cost money and you can't know that they will work.
Unlike these methods, only Joint Ventures can deliver ....
Free Traffic
Free Advertising
Free Customers
More than that, JV Profit Power teaches you a system you can  repeat again and again, anytime you need to create extra income!
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Kind Regards



Many put up an ad with no idea as to whether it will produce or  not. They let the same ad run for a period of time, and wonder  why they didn't get results. They then do one of two things.

They either blame the publication for not generating business for  them, or give up entirely and go out of business. Others will run  an ad once, and when the world doesn't beat a path to their door,  they react the same way.

It is a proven fact that an ad must be seen five to seven times  before someone can be expected to take action. If your ad is  targeted to your market, and you are not getting responses, the  odds are you have a "crummy ad". It is not then time to quit or  blame the publication. It is time to change the ad.




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All successful marketers have one thing in common. They are  constantly testing the effectiveness of their ads. One of the  most successful that I know, almost always runs more than one ad  in the same or similar publication at the same time. You could  put the ads side by side, and not realize they were from the same  person for the same thing. She lets each ad run five times,  always keeping careful track of the drawing power of the ads, and  keeps the strongest and changes the weakest.

Mechanically, her method is really quite simple. She uses a  different email address in each ad, and a different website  address as well. Both websites are exactly the same, but have  different URL's. She got her websites from a low cost web space  provider where she not only reserved the name of her site, but  got web space as well for less than the cost of her ads. There  are several low cost web space providers. I can recommend  <http://bitshack.com> and <http://esosoft.com> - You really  should go with the one that meets your needs at the best price.

Don't fall for the "hoopla" that you get "jillions" of characters  of online storage for a few bucks more. You don't need all that  room. I have dozens of web sites, and they are all under 50MB  of storage. Capabilities being equal - price is boss.



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She uses a popular ISP, but doesn't use that address in her ads.
She feels, and I agree, that an ISP email address does not  conjure up a strong "business image". Your choice of an ISP is  important if you hope to do business on the web. Be sure yours  provides an industry standard POP3 email capability. While AOL  is great for many things, it does use their own proprietary email  system, and isn't, in my judgment, the best choice for running a  business.

She got a POP3 email address with each of her web sites, so she  uses those. She also uses a different email address on her web  sites - most web space providers give you unlimited email  aliases. She then installed the Eudora email package with a  different folder for each address she uses. When she gets an  email, which was sent to one of those addresses, she has Eudora  automatically file it in the appropriate folder, and send an  immediate response. This lets her prospect know she got the  message, but more importantly, allows her to track which ad it  came from. If the email address was one of the addresses in her  ads, she knows which one. If it came from one of the web sites,  she knows which ad sent the prospect to that site.

But what has happened here? A quick count of the emails in each  of the folders reveals which ad is pulling, and where the  prospect is coming from. Now, remember the unlimited aliases,  she got with her web space. If she is going to try to test the  effectiveness of several publications, she simply uses a  different alias for that ad in each publication, and sets up a  separate folder in Eudora for it.

There are other ways of course to track the ads by forcing the  subject in your email address, and having a different subject for  each ad. The cost of web space however, and email addresses has  come down so much in the last few years, that having separate  email addresses is most likely the easiest way to track the  results of your ads, and present a professional image.

You must test, test, and retest your ads. If you do, you will  find the winning combination, and realize the power of the web.

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