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Date11/10/2012 4:30:52 PM
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Plexus Slim is an ‘ALL-NATURAL’ weight loss formula using plant-extracts to fight obesity, help suppress food cravings and increase energy levels! Through recent testimonials, Plexus Slim has reported to help people Lower Cholesterol, Lower Blood Pressure and even help control Diabetes! Plexus Slim works by helping your body work optimally, loose excess weight and KEEP IT OFF!

Plexus Slim is a once a day drink, simply add water and shake. It works with the body to naturally shed excess weight over a 'normal' time period by controlling the appetite, targeting fat stores and burning fat for energy. Plexus Slim has no artificial sweeteners, colourings or artificial flavourings and no MSG. There is no caffeine in Plexus Slim and stimulants of any kind! It is even safe enough for expectant and lactating mothers.

A companion product, the Plexus Slim Accelerator capsule, (Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women), provides you with a healthy way to speed up weight loss and/or break a weight plateau when taken with Plexus Slim. The combination of ingredients in these two products works synergistically to help you lose weight faster and easier. You will start seeing the benefits in no time.

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