Limu your Life! An avenue to health and wealth

Date1/3/2013 9:28:21 PM
The LIMU EXPERIENCE gives you the unique ability to focus your strengths and accomplish your life goals more readily than ever before. Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight or create a stronger financial future for yourself, all are within your reach. And, with $100,000 in cash, prizes and trips to win along the way, The LIMU EXPERIENCE becomes a way to succeed in innumerable ways.

Harvested from the pollution-free waters around the Island of Tonga, LIMU MOUI comes from the ocean, the cradle of life.
The nutrients found in our products help the body perform better in a variety of ways, too, from a stronger immune system to greater mobility, improved metabolism to anti-aging properties. Each product is supported by over 900 independent scientific studies, too, touting the Fucoidan supernutrient so important to our existence.
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