"SYSTEM MAKES MAN WORK" common man come together we will sol

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"SYSTEM MAKES MAN WORK" common man come together we will solve all problems - developunity@gmail.com

All problems of commonman of India can be solved/eliminated forever if people become united. "SYSTEM MAKES MAN WORK" Lets change the system by becoming united, don't fall prey for FALSE promises of netas. We are a group of Common people fighting for the rights of commonman to bring change in our system. This is possible only if all the people if the country becomes united. Present natas as everyone knows in the sate of making fool of people by false promises. Present netas afre just in the process of creating wealth for themselves whether they are sitting party or opposition party. This both sitting party and opposition party just play games in the parliament to show to people, after the parliament session they both come together and create wealth for self. Till now whether any common man or the lower grade person of their own party is given a highest designation seat like Geneal Secretary or President seat of the party. Answer would be NO, this candidate for this position goes to their relatives.
OUR MOTTO is to solve all the problems in India. Corruption, injustice, unemployment, inflation, rape cases, cases against women, GDP, production,fiscal deficit, etc. Please read further how this can be possible. Please join us to solve common man's problems.

India a great Country: Every Indian can get what they want. Every Indian can get basic necessities like food, clothing & shelter. Apart from basic necessities every Indian can get comfort life. This all can happen if all people of India becomes united.
In school it is taught "that a person can break a single stick easily but if the sticks are in bundle then it is not possible to break it, easily". Therefore unity plays a important role.
On the Eve of Independence Day we a small group of people decided to form a big unity of Indian people to solve the problems of common man, this in turn will solve the problems of Indian economy & will give all people comfort life, Production of goods & services will increase, Per capita will increase, poverty will be eradicated, inflation will decrease, GDP will increase, country will become Developed country.

How common man’s problems can be solved & How India can become Developed Nation :
1) FAST JUSTICE :To implement / create Laws that will give Judgment in faster mode. At present culprits thinks that nothing will happen to them because whatever they do they will get a bail & will enjoy life without any fear. They will not be punished as that is done in other countries. In our country the legal cases goes on for years & years but the final justice is not received. The person dies without getting justice. People might have noticed this truth. Example if "A" goes to jail for some crime after he is released he becomes more confident that nothing will happen if he commits another crime. Such criminal record people in India move freely with their scholars tight, increased ego & threaten other people. In fact our dull system is creating criminals those people who are going to law / police for complaining their FIR are not registered, fake cases are made against innocent people by taking bribe from culprits, etc.
Therefore we shall be creating a system in which a system will trace out for each persons activities & this can happen it is not untrue. Remember "Everything is possible" if people becomes united. At present we have a best scientific system wherein we can see what is happening on the Mars, Moon, etc. At present we can trace a individual with the cell phone he/she is using. In the same manner we will create a system which will trace the persons activities (without disturbing anyone's privacy). This systematic trace out of activities will help in primary evidence in the court of Law & judgement can be given very easily
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