Immediate Merchant Cash Advance vailable

Date1/4/2014 11:09:20 AM
Do you need immediate cash funds for your business to resolve a surprise
expense, property improvement, or purchase urgent inventory supplies?
Do you need to make emergency repairs to your equipment?
If so, these are just a few reasons why our cash advance program can grow
your company without any bank hassles. Alternative Cash Advance Funding
Program! We will get you funded as quickly as possible.
Merchant Cash Advance products are an innovative funding resource for
small and mid-sized businesses. We provide working capital through
purchasing a fixed dollar amount of your company’s future credit card
sales at a discount through a lump sum cash payment.Call 1-888-727-5468
and mention Agent #27966 to speak to one of our knowledgeable
representatives that can give you a quote today.
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