Catatonia has a cure; reversing agent found June 2018

Date11/19/2018 6:52:34 PM
PriceUSD 36.99
Catatonia has been reversed.

After 10 long years of pain and suffering, and useless treatments, Luka came back to Life. From receiving full disability from the government, Luka is now playing tennis, has enrolled in a University and now lives a normal life; unimaginable until recently, June 2018 to be exact.

This book was written to describe the struggle with catatonia and how a catatonia-reversing agent has been found in June 2018.

The e-book is titled: Catatonia: A Soul Adrift for 10 years & Recovered and can be found on Amazon books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo books, Apple books, and is internationally distributed. There is also a website, if you wish to learn more and see for yourself. Please visit
Catatonia can be reversed.
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