Date12/30/2020 10:52:32 AM
PriceUSD 69.99
About this item
★ Delightful and realistic Amish Platform Bird Feeder.
★ Finely crafted with intricate detailing a bright multicolor finish.
★ Finely crafted with intricate detailing and a bright multi-color finish.
★ Easy To Install And Clean: The top of the birdhouse has a rope for hanging. To hang the birdhouse, simply attach the rope to a desired location (tree, house, banner, etc.).
★ Decorative Accent: Delightful garden accessory for adding style to your patio or garden area.Wonderful GIFT idea for any bird lover or nature enthusiast.
- Made of natural wood

- Delightful and realistic cottage figural birdhouse

- Finely crafted with intricate detailing a bright multicolor finish

- Place feeder just about anywhere

- Hold up to 6 cups of birds' favorite mixed seeds, sunflower seeds, peanut halves, or safflower

- Displays on flat surfaces or suspend from above wth attached chain

Package Dimensions 10.3 x 7.9 x 7.8 inches
Item Weight 2.05 pounds

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