Benefits of Microfiber Cloth in Car Cleaning

Date2/11/2021 6:20:58 PM
"A Super-soft cleaning cloth generally made by using polyester and nylon. And it has millions of microfibers that are sewn together to clean surfaces openly exposed to bacteria, other harmful and unwanted contaminants.

Well,Microfiber cloth is powered by an amazing concept that won Nobel Prize in Chemistry- Van Der Waal Forces. A good number of super-fine microfibers lift and hold dirt, bacteria, liquid spills, grime, mud and grease, all with an ease by expanding the overall sticking effect of Microfibers.

Microfibers Cloth remove even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles that other cleaning cloth simply fail to remove from the surfaces. And the best part: Microfiber Cloths don’t need expensive chemicals to do the best cleaning."
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