Drywall Screw | Kaizon Hardware

Date2/17/2021 9:10:12 AM
Drywall screws are of two basic types, ‘S’ type and ‘W’ type, out of which the correct choice needs to be made as per the purpose of each particular drywall screw and where it has to be applied. The ‘S’ type drywall screws have an extremely sharp head, which are formulated with reference to steel frames. It makes it easier to make a hole in the steel frames. Whereas, ‘W’ type drywall screws are formed with the purpose of utilizing it in wood framed buildings where the ability of the ‘W’ drywall screw to grasp onto the wooden building frame is super affirmative and effortless.
1. Drywall screw threads-
2. Drywall screw lengths-
3. Drywall screw gauge-

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