Benifits of Toddler care in East Hanover, NJ

Toddler care in East Hanover is designed in a way that the toddlers get ultimate fun in letter, number and shape recognition. Listening skills, communication skills are delivered to the toddlers. A uniform is introduced to them to be more systematic. Potty training is no doubt an added advantage for the toddlers.

At New Generation Learning Center, our students graduate being well prepared for school not just in the academic’s area but also gain self-help skills, confidence, independence and social skills. They know how to take turns, share, ask an adult for help, use their words to express their feelings, make friends, ask questions to find out more, and have good manners. In fact, we emphasize the social skills and emotional readiness in our curriculum.

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New Generation Learning Center

60 River Rd., East Hanover
NJ 07936
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