PPR Pipe companies in India, fitting PPR and pipe

Date5/11/2021 8:28:06 AM
KPT pipes are using the latest technology and certified raw material to produce pipe material in industrial and commercial application areas. You don’t need to worry about chemical exposure, junk problems, or other external dirt surfaces.
We are featuring a range of sincerely manufactured 100% industrial verified Greentherm and Pneumatic fitting PPR and pipe that can withstand high pressure and high temperature. Allow leak fee and problem-free installation for the warm water supply, chilled water supply, air compression application needs, gas supply needs.
Contact us today for ppr Tee, Reducers, Clamps, Elbow, Threaded fitting, Socket fittings, thermaplus, and pneumatic pipes, equal Tee, Slip-on, Long plug, Tank, connector, etc.
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