Why Tune into Radio Station to Keep the Spirit of Swing Aliv

Date6/10/2021 10:44:58 AM
(650) 479-4641(650) 479-4641
Right from rock n roll and pop to metal and blues – with so many music genres out there, we find ourselves spoilt for choices. But be honest and tell us what can supersede the rhythmic beats of swing music in the USA? Originated in and popular all across America, swing music is interspersed into the cultural fabric of our nation. Hence, to keep this classic genre of music alive and popular, Swing Street Radio curates its playlists comprising evergreen jazz songs by the musical pioneers and legends. If you want to be a part of this preservation effort, you must tune into this popular jazz radio station today. The best part is you can also send in your song requests to be played by our very impressive radio hosts.
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