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Date7/13/2021 2:10:56 PM
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Burrata originated from a small area of Apulia region. First produced around 1920 on the Bianchini farm in the town of Andria, (about 2/3 of the way up from Italy's heel to the spur of Apulia). In the 1950s, it became more widely available after a few of the local cheese factories - notably Chieppa - began producing it. It is generally suspected that factories were interested in it because it was a way to utilize the ritagli ("scraps" or "rags") of mozzarella.
Burrata is often referred to as the creamy cousin of mozzarella. This pure, sweet, and fresh cheese hides a delightful surprise of creamy stracciatella that is wrapped inside its delicate mozzarella shell. Stracciatella cheese only reveals itself once burrata is cut open.
Traditionally, burrata would be wrapped in the blades of the Asphodel leaf, a leaf native to Puglia Italy. This leaf was used to indicate the freshness of the cheese. When fresh, the blade would be green, after a few days, the leaf would dry up, indicating the burrata was no longer fresh. Thanks to pasteurizing and our fresh ingredients, Di Stefano burrata lasts much longer.
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