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Date7/6/2021 8:07:53 AM
PriceUSD 1,050.00
Responsible single female looking for a one bedroom home (Carrigae House, Apartment etc.) with Utilities included preferably but not necessary. Would prefer to work with private landlord. In the interest of full disclosure I have experienced hardship and lost everything and so I have had to turn to the State of Georgia for help (which isn't easy for me) and have been granted a Georgia Housing Voucher. I fully understand the hesitation when it comes to landlords renting to those with Georgia Housing Vouchers due to the clientele it can attract but now and in the upcoming year you will see more upstanding responsible persons needing housing and have to turn to the Government for help . However, with the moratorium placed on landlords during the COVID Pandemic many landlords have also experienced hardship by unfairly having to house non-paying tenants (even those who had some form of income). Many landlords lost their business or accrued large debt. Once the moratorium lifts there will be an influx of apartments available however I want housing immediately and as embarrassing as it is for me landlords that have suffered way to long will most likely take the Georgia Housing voucher over personal funds for two reasons; 1) the law against low income housing discrimination has come in to effect and 2) they will now take someone with guaranteed funds over those that don't due to the Georgia Housing Voucher being guaranteed funds as it's paid by the Government.

I can provide many character references, I am heavily involved in my church also. I'm a good person and I am simply looking for someone to take a chance on me as I have on others when I was in a better place in life financially. Although a lease is one year as standard, if I like the home I will be willing to sign a 3 or 5 year lease which will guarantee the rental income for that period.

I don't have to live in the Douglasville area, I can live anywhere in Cobb County or Douglas County. As a single woman in her 50s I just want to live in a quiet and safe place.

I do not have a dog at the moment but would like to get a small dog (20lbs max) for company but it's not necessary.

At least give me the opportunity to speak with you if you have housing that may suit and then make a decision. I just need someone to give me a chance based on the responsible person I am before declining this request!

Thank you,
Tracey C.

Bedrooms (#)1
Bathrooms (#)1
Close to schoolsNo
Close to transitYes
Near major routesYes
Close to shoppingYes
Price per month1 050 USD
Pets allowedYes
Smoking allowedNo
Available date7/6/2021
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