School Bus Routing Software | School Bus Tracking System

SafeBus is a School Bus Routing Software that provides you with technology, tools, and expertise to manage your school buses with ease. SafeBus is a 100% Self-service SaaS platform to manage and track your School Buses. SafeBus lets you focus on your school children and we take care of the rest. Invest your energies in academic excellence while we take away all the administrative hassle in school bus management. SafeBus comes with real-time tracking, notifications, access trip history, parent app, and driver apps. Keep your flexibility with a Zero investment, no hardware investment, Pay-as-you-use pricing.

Experience the ease of getting started with 4 easy steps. Create an account and follow hassle-free 4 easy steps and start tracking your fleet in 60 minutes. SafeBus comes with both a Parent App and Driver App. SafeBus Parent App ensures parents have complete knowledge with proper control on their children’s transportation to school. SafeBus Driver app comes with unique features and they can effectively communicate with admins and parents in real-time and they can update school bus attendance manually. SafeBus Parent App & Driver Apps are available in both Android and iOS.
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