Work With Me: As an “International Commodity Broker” (ICB)

Date8/21/2021 11:51:57 AM
Due to the power of the internet, we can now broker commodity deals from around the world in the comfort of our home. Currently, I work in Gold Bullion and BTC as a professional broker. I have buyers and sellers I represent from around the world. Business is booming, and I need help.
So, I am offering a two week, tuition based, one-on-one, tutoring.
An ICB is similar to a Real Estate Broker. But, instead of a house
or pieces of land, we deal in large quantities of commodities.
Key Points:
1) No license require
2) We do not buy and sell. We only broker.
3) Travel is not required
4) No Advertising cost ( I use websites to find buyers and sellers)
5) The only requirement on your end is a computer, internet access and mobile phone.
6) Two week, live, one-on-one training. (work with me on actual transactions)
7) Experiential Learning – like being an apprentice
8) Possible to be in Multi –Million Dollar transactions by end of the second week.
9) Turn key business kit
10) Plug into our professional network, I introduce you to.
11) Step out of your old, limited financial programming.
12) Transformational Tools (That work - I have tested)
13) Potential to earn $250,000 per month
14) Great Opportunity to be in “service to others”.

Now, it is your time to make some decisions.
Let me ask you some basic questions to see if you
qualify to join our ICB team.
Are you an action taker? Are you committed to being something Great?
Are you willing to “Learn what you don’t know”?
Do you have the courage to be “Unstoppable”?
If the above is a yes for you, call my toll free number
1-888-560-7530 - 24hrs.
This is a long, recorded, overview message.
At the end you will be given my direct
phone number and email address.
Call now and have a paper and pen handy.
Again, the 24/7 number to call is:
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