Exclusive and Latest Toyota 2022 Prius Prime

Date9/6/2021 3:28:55 PM
PriceUSD 28,220.00
EV Power
Prius Prime features a dual-motor drive system that uses both motors to help propel Prius Prime. The result is a boost in acceleration feel, enhanced efficiency 112, and the added benefit of EV Mode at full highway speeds.

EV Driving Range
With an EPA-estimated 25 miles of driving range in EV Mode, 136 Prius Prime runs without using a drop of fuel. Charge it whenever you can, or don't. Prius Prime will continue to run as an efficient hybrid with an EPA-estimated 54 mpg combined when the charge runs low. 136

Intelligent Efficiency
Its lightweight materials, proven hybrid technology, and optimized Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) system all work together to give Prius Prime an EPA-estimated 133 mpg. 112 This impressive efficiency lets you challenge what’s possible.

Body Rigidity
A solid chassis means Prius Prime was built to be confident. With increased torsional rigidity from laser-screw welding, high-tensile-strength steel, and uniquely shaped frame structures, Prius Prime offers a ride that's comfortable yet ready to take on every corner.

Versatile Driving Modes
Prius Prime offers multiple driving modes so that the driver stays in control: EV (Electric Vehicle) Mode, EV Auto Mode, and HV (Hybrid Vehicle) Mode. EV Auto Mode intelligently selects between EV and hybrid driving based on demand and driving conditions to optimize your efficiency. HV Mode efficiently combines the gas engine and electrical power from the HV battery to drive Prius Prime.
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