Sourceless - the New Web: What does it bring to the table

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Date11/4/2021 8:06:32 AM
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New Web: What does it bring to the table
In the era where everything’s changing by the minute, there’s no area that can stay the same – there’s something to improve in every and each domain. Including the web experience. We’re all used to the actual web, with all its ups and downs, but there’s a New Web on its way – which will be faster, more secure and more adapted to the present. Comparing to the old web, the new one is based on the following technologies and comes along with their characteristics:
• wNFT – Web Non-Fungible Tokens – the non-fungible tokens are digital assets that stand to redefine how we engage with digital content in the digital age
• Torrents – peer to peer protocol (p2p) – a group of computers that download and upload the same torrent transfer data between them without the need for a central server.
• DLT – Distributed Ledger Technology – it refers specifically to the technological infrastructure and protocols that allow the simultaneous access, validation and upd
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