IRS Form 1040 Schedule 3

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Date11/30/2021 4:47:16 PM
This Schedule is used to report additional taxes owed such as the alternative minimum tax, self-employment tax, or household employment taxes. Schedule 3: Supporting documentation for tax form 1040 if box 12b is checked.

The IRS and the Treasury Department redesigned Form 1040 with simplification as the goal. For example, instead of choosing between three different versions of Form 1040 — the original and two pared-down versions, Form 1040A and Form 1040-EZ - every taxpayer will use Form 1040. Then, taxpayers with more involved returns attach extra schedules as needed.

Please consult a tax professional for specific information regarding your individual situation and get IRS Form 1040 Schedule 3 from our IRS Success Official Website.
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