Adequan I.M. 50ml For Horses

Date11/19/2021 11:51:42 AM
PriceUSD 40.00
Adequan treats both the symptoms and the underlying degenerative disease process of horse’s joint problems, Adequan i.m. Single Dose, 7-Vials may be a good choice.

First, Adequan has important anti-inflammatory effects, so it is able to provide relief from the symptoms of joint damage: heat, swelling, pain and lameness. And Adequan can be found in synovial fluid at full herapeutic levels within only two hours of an intramuscular injection. Also, Adequan is a product with potent ability to block the action of the destructive enzymes that threaten to perpetuate the joint inflammation, attack the cartilage and break down synovial fluid.
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