Best Middle Schools in New Jersey- Ability School NJ

Date2/1/2022 11:52:16 PM
The Middle School years take a student who is fully grounded in the basics of reading, writing and mathematics and thoroughly acquainted with the arts and social sciences and builds to develop higher academic competency while simultaneously developing independent reasoning and decision-making skills. Becoming more literate and more widely read are significant elements of the student’s daily routine. Fiction, historical fiction, biographies, autobiographies and non-fiction make up the five to ten books read each month. Maintaining a high standard of discipline in the mechanics of mathematics is stressed and Algebra is introduced. The student learns study and life skills including manners, ethics, and nutrition instilling self-sufficiency and responsibility and ensuring a solid foundation on which to build a productive and happy life.

• Students study at their own pace
• 100% mastery
• Practical application
• Welcoming and supportive environment
• Character education
• Focus on academics
• Cheerful and productive atmosphere
• Great for bright & creative kids
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