Gorgeous Kim Kardashian’s Diamond Engagement Ring

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The Kim Kardashian’s ring was designed by celebrity designer Lorraine Schwartz. Hence, it was obvious the particular design gained media headlines. The ring is flawless and the diamond is categorized with a rating of a D color. Hence, the diamond is absolutely clean and flawless.
If you are fascinated by the style of Kim Kardashian engagement ring and plan on buying a similar ring, then follow these steps-

Look for emerald cut diamonds from D to H color When you see with the naked eye, there must be no inclusions Always buy diamonds that are certified with GIA or AGS Look for clarity from IF to VS2 These are some facts about the wonderful and eye-catching ring that Kanye West gifted Kim Kardashian. Diamond Hedge is a GIA certified loose diamond search engine. One of the most renowned and trusted online sites to buy quality loose diamonds
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