6 Tips for Choosing a Video Production Company | Shakespeare

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Date6/21/2022 9:20:53 AM
Many short video production company will have a high quality demo reel on their front page. Usually, it’s a 30-90 second video clip with their most impressive cinematography edited with captivating music. The purpose is to give an instant impression of capability and build a desire to be chosen. It may also aim to prove that they’re an established company with a variety of clients. This is all good and can be helpful for you to get a certain feeling for what style and capacity they have. But what a demo reel doesn’t show is what those finished productions really looked like.
Most likely you need a video that does more than just look pretty. It has to be effective for your business and really serve the purpose you set out to achieve in the first place. Make sure you dive deeper into their website to find the actual videos they were hired to produce. You can also ask to see other videos that may not be on their website but have been produced. If you’re after a specific type, ask if they have produced any of that sort. Here is an example of one video recently produced where most of the tips above dictated the process.
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