What is the Difference Between an Entrepreneur and an Intrap

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Date7/15/2022 7:01:22 AM
An intrapreneur is someone who is working within an organization and challenges the status quo by coming up with new proposals, ideas, and strategies. They are willing to take risks and stand out in a way that makes them ready to be fired if their idea fails. The word comes from “intra” meaning insider and “prener” meaning someone who works for an organization but also has new ideas about how things could be done better. An intrapreneur is someone who feels so passionately about a cause that they work inside their company to change it from the inside out.

An entrepreneur, on the other hand, is an individual who identifies opportunities to bring new products or services to market. They are unafraid of taking risks, confident in their abilities, and driven by competition and success as much as they are by financial reward.
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