Best Dew Point meters in India

Maintaining an appropriate moisture(ppm) level and dew point temperature in the compressed air or gas system is critically important to the result of the process. From petrochemicals to natural gas, pharmaceuticals to aerospace, an expansive range of applications require professional and accurate dew point measurement tools for best operation. Professionals around the world trust dew point meters and transmitters from Vasthi instruments for their faultless measurement capabilities. Offering a wide variety of measurement tools like an online dew point meter, portable dew point meter, and dew point transmitter with an extensive range of options, Vasthi Instruments is an ideal choice for every industrial dew point measurement prerequisite. With an easy-to-use interface and robust design, our trace moisture dew point meters with a measuring range of (-60°C to +30°C),( -40°C to +30°C) &(- 80°C to +30°C) are incredibly reliable and are suitable for accurate and faultless monitoring. Our engineers at Vasthi Instruments have designed quintessential dew point meters that flawlessly measure relative humidity and dew point temperatures with +/- 1% accuracy. Our dew point meters comply with parameters set by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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