Real Estate Trends in India in 2022

Date8/15/2022 4:21:47 PM
India’s real estate sector has been one of the few that actually benefited from the pandemic. Although the first half of 2020 saw slow growth, from the 2nd half of 2020 till today, we’re seeing increased demand, high sales, strong growth and improved conditions for homeowners and developers. Here are a few trends we’re expecting to see going forward.
2 Increase in demand for homes
With the after-effects of the pandemic still going strong, renters and buyers are now looking to upgrade their lives and live in more spacious, luxurious homes. With so many people still working from home or working more flexibly, it’s important to them to have a space they can feel productive and comfortable in. Residential sales figures from October-December 2020 show a 2x increase to 61,593 units versus the 33,403 units we saw in the previous quarter.
Rise in cost of materials
SILA has conducted a survey and learnt that across the real estate sector, there seems to be an increase of 7-12% in the cost.
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