Create Sophisticated Works of Art - Budget Price Course

Glance over the thousands of online art courses and what do you see? An onslaught of quick fixes and hobbyist or amateur results.

The student after finishing those courses is soon frustrated. They realise that they have limited skills. They have learned only to paint the teacher’s subjects. And, devastatingly, they’ve learned only to paint in the style of that teacher.

Instead of becoming an artist, that potential artist is reduced to being a factory worker or a puppet who reproduces those teacher’s paintings.

Creatively crippled and frustrated, the student then searches for another course to try to “pick up something else”.

So they get a bit of knowledge here, and a bit there, and none of it is good enough to turn them into a real artist.

In a quick-fix world of the modern oil painter, the field of art teaching has become a quick-fix money-spinner for anyone who can point a camera and throw together an ‘art course’.

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