ICT Online Classes for Grades 6,7,8,9,10 & O/L

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Date3/19/2023 8:29:40 AM
PriceRs 1,000.00
"Achieving Top Marks in ICT: Your Dream, My Mission"
Unlock Your Potential in ICT with Personalized online Classes by Chandana De Silva!
Are you tired of struggling to achieve your desired outcome in ICT? Look no further!
I offer customized ICT online classes that are tailored to suit your individual needs and are in line with the local educational system. Whether you prefer English or Sinhala, my classes are designed to maximize your performance in ICT and prepare you for the G.C.E. (O/L) examination.
My comprehensive lessons cover all aspects of ICT, including theoretical discussions, revision activities, and hands-on assignments, as well as learning techniques for exams and access to previous (O/L) papers spanning the past decade.
As a highly experienced ICT teacher with 18 years of teaching experience and the author of supplementary ICT textbooks for Grades 10 and 11 students, I guarantee to unlock your potential in ICT.
Don't wait any longer. Contact me by phone at 07 22 17 31 41
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