New Energy Vehicle Air Conditioning Compressor

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Date9/5/2023 3:34:38 PM
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Air-conditioning compressors for new energy vehicles refer to compressors used in vapor compression refrigeration and heating systems in new energy electric vehicles, which provide power for the circulation of working fluid in refrigeration and heating systems, and are driven by the compressor's own motor. The refrigerants used mainly include R134a, R1234yf, R410A, R407C and CO2. Due to the change of the driving mode, the main technical characteristics and performance requirements of the new energy vehicle air-conditioning compressor are as follows: (1) High efficiency, low noise, light weight, and miniaturization. (2) Adapt to more stringent operating conditions and wider operating range. (3) High security and reliability.
Electric scroll compressors are generally used in the new energy vehicle industry. This type of compressor has the following advantages: (1) There is no suction valve and no clearance volume, so the volumetric efficiency is high. (2) The multi-chamber scroll compressor works continuously, the torque pulsation is small, and the compressor works smoothly; there is no suction valve, which reduces the noise source caused by the suction valve, and the noise is low; the turning radius of the moving plate is small, and the shaft The system is easy to achieve dynamic balance and has little vibration. (3) There are few moving parts, the relative motion speed of the movable and static scrolls is low, there is little friction and wear, the mechanical efficiency is high, and the reliability is improved.
The air-conditioning compressor market is dominated by foreign-funded companies, such as Sanden, Denso, Valeo, Hanon, etc. Since my country’s electric vehicle market leads the world, foreign-funded companies have started to build factories in China to produce electric-driven compressors in 2018 Available worldwide. Local companies such as Guchen EAC, Highly, BYD, etc. already have a considerable technical level, among which Guchen EAC has won its position in the field of automotive air-conditioning compressors with scroll air-conditioning compressor technology, and is the main supplier of many self-owned brand models , has a market share of about 30% in the electric compressor market; BYD has developed and built production lines since 2014, mainly supporting BYD new energy vehicles, and has maintained a relatively high market share in recent years; Chongqing Construction purchased Calsonic kansei rotary vanes in 1995 In 2018, it established a joint venture company with Hanon to devote itself to variable displacement compressors and electric drive compressors, hoping to lead the future of electric drive compressors and The variable displacement compressor market occupies a place. In recent years, many new energy vehicle electric air-conditioning compressor manufacturers have newly invested in China, most of which are still in the product trial or small-scale stage.
Mileage2500 miles
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