Plan Your Trip – Best Car Taxi Services in Tirupati

Date11/21/2023 6:23:20 AM
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Best Car Taxi Services in Tirupati: Planning to visit Tirumala Tirupati and surrounding beautiful sightseeing places. Tirumala Tirupati is well known place in the world. From entire world daily thousands and lakhs of people visit Tirumala for Sri Venkateswara Swamy Darshan.

Best car taxi services in Tirupati
After Darshan Must Visit Places (Tirumala): – Travels in Tirupati

Akasa Ganga: This natural waterfall is about 3 kilometers from the main temple and offers a serene and picturesque spot for relaxation. It’s believed to be sacred and is often visited by pilgrims.
Japali Anyaneja Swamy Temple:-

Japalli Theerthan on Tirumla to Papavinasanam Rout. It is located just 3 Km from Tirumala. A kilometer inside the forest is how you would have to go to reach the Teertham from where the main road terminates. This is the other side of the Lord Hanuman temple where lies the most sacred Theertham or holy body of water.

Anyone planning to visit Tirumala Best Car Taxi Services in Tirupati are available to take a dip at Japali Teertham en-route. Nevertheless, many tourists do not know about this Teertham or Hanuman temple.
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