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Watchman ClocksWatchman Clocks
City:Clemont, Florida,
Category:For Sale (Electronics)
Date:1/13/2021 6:08:59 AM (125 days ago)
Description:Watchman clocks are used for accurate registration of watchman’s patrol record, ensuring protection of your property and facilities. It is very simple to use. You can get very light weight, excelle...
Biometric Time ClocksBiometric Time Clocks
City:Clemont, Florida,
Category:For Sale (Electronics)
Date:12/29/2020 12:07:40 PM (139 days ago)
Description:A biometric time clock is the electronic version of the timecard-punching machine. It uses human body parts as identification markers for employees. It is also used as attendance purpose in an orga...
Badge Time ClocksBadge Time Clocks
City:Clemont, Florida,
Category:For Sale (Computer)
Date:11/23/2020 10:52:55 AM (175 days ago)
Description:Badge time clocks is very simpler for employees because they can use their ID badges to swipe their identification whether through magnetic card reader or bar code reader. If you are looking for ba...
Time Clock RibbonTime Clock Ribbon
City:Clemont, Florida,
Category:For Sale (Other)
Date:12/7/2020 12:16:59 PM (161 days ago)
Description:Many organizations use time clock ribbon for their employees to punch in or out on time. If you are searching for a time clock ribbon then you can get best time clock ribbon machine with long lasti...
Calculating Time ClocksCalculating Time Clocks
City:Clemont, Florida,
Category:For Sale (Computer)
Date:12/21/2020 10:56:23 AM (147 days ago)
Description:Calculating time clocks are used to calculate the employee time. Automatically it can calculate and totals the employee’s regular and overtime hours up to 100 employees. We provide a heavy-duty met...
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