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OwnerJohnway Oviricha
DescriptionThe company has over the years been carrying out the under listed services associated with the Oil and Gas industry; MECHANICAL CONSTRUCTION WORKS Our services in this area cover the following: Consultancy, Labour, Supply, Marketing / Affiliate Internet and Network Marketing Import and Export of General goods Whole Sales and Retails Commission Agent.
CityWarri, Delta, Nigeria Nigeria

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ALKALINE CUP Making Acid Water to Alkaline WaterALKALINE CUP Making Acid Water to Alkaline Water
City:Zurich, Nidwalden, Switzerland Switzerland
Category:Business (Affiliate programs)
Date:10/14/2020 3:00:30 PM (374 days ago)
Description:BenefitsAlkaline cup with a balance PH levelRevive damaged cells in the body due to narcoticsAbility to flush away any Acidic content in the bodyHelp Reduce Cholesterol in the bodyEnables mineral t...
$ 140
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