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72 days ago

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Bum Butt Corporation is excited to announce a new offering pursuant to Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act on the platform Razitall. The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to produce Bum Butt Wipes with Container – moist, disposable, flushable wipes for children and adults that provide a more sanitary manner to cleanse oneself after using the washroom.“In 2017, 317 million Americans used toilet paper to wipe away bacteria from their bum. 16% preferred to clean their bum instead of just wiping,” said Mark Hayes, the creator of Bum Butt Wipes with Container.This hypoallergenic product is designed using the perfect amount of aloe to create a moist, soft tissue that’s comfortable to use and ensures that all waste is removed. These tissues will be dispensed out of a durable plastic container, either by turning a crank-like handle at the top of the dispenser or by pressing a button on a battery-operated dispenser.Bum Butt Wipes with Container is a useful invention that has the potential to be used all around the world. Not only does it stop the spread of germs by helping users clean themselves better after urinating or defecating, but it also keeps them feeling nice and fresh throughout the day. To bring this project to life, the company is looking to raise funds.For more information on this offering, please visit the crowdfunding platform Razitall.