What Are Home Remedies Commonly Used to Treat Demodex?

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In addition to medication, some home remedies can also play a role in controlling Demodex.._ Some of these remedies are entirely taught you in the Ungex protocol. However, here are some of them:.Use no oil to lubricate your skin except small amounts of coconut oil.Do not use creams containing oil. Oil-Free products are the right choice.Cosmetics should also be selected from types that do not contain oil.If your hair is affected by Demodex, many shampoos nourish Demodex instead of destroying it. If you are being treated with Ungex products, our consultant has probably told you to use only the company's medical products.Exfoliating the skin is one of the methods that help to treat Demodex.._ And most importantly, remember that a treatment based on science and principles is more effective than all of these.._ And Ungex is that science-based treatment...#Demodex_treatment #demodextest #microscopic_mite #ungex #anti-Demodex #Ungex_products #coconat_oil #High_frequency #Natural_solution #treatment #demodextest #hair #skin #beauty #Healthy_skin #good_feeling