Why Am I Itching So Much?

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54 days ago


Maybe you are one of the people who have suffered so much from itchy skin.._ You may have spent a lot to treat your problem, but even the cause of your itching has not been diagnosed..Itchy skin can have many causes:• Skin diseases such as psoriasis• Systemic problems such as liver diseases• Neurological and psychological issues like anxiety, obsession, and diabetes• Pregnancy• Allergy• Unknown._ The Demodex mite is one of the causes of itchy skin that mainly affect people at night. Sometimes it is not diagnosed, but if diagnosed, it falls into the category of skin diseases.._ Demodex treatment is long-term and takes at least three to four months. If medication is not successful, the symptoms of pruritus may recur.._ We have a nose for Demodex! If there is a Demodex infection, we diagnose and treat it in the best way.._ So if you guess your itch is related to Demodex, let us know via the Ungex site. Our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.