Audience Response System

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Live polling app is fast becoming an essential part of internet communication. They are used for meetings between different organizations, lectures from various universities, etc. This will be useful for getting live feedback from the audience during the meeting of presentations. Almost all the major companies use it to know the response of their customers. The universities and researchers also use them for various purposes. Various kinds of surveys can be done in this manner.Aspects of PollsWhen the presenter wants the audience to respond to any polls they have various options for that. There are open text, multiple-choice, word cloud, numerical, ratings, etc. The presenter needs to provide the method that he or she thinks will be suitable for both the audience and the presenter. They can use the app to present it in front of the audience.The audience needs to be joined in the meeting through the app the presenter is using. The audience will need to open the poll and do the voting. Then, at last, they need to submit their answers.After the process is done the presenter can then close the poll. After the whole process, the presenter will be able to see the result of the poll and even show it to the audience. The audience will be able to see the results both on their own personal devices and on the presentation screen of the presenter.BenefitsThere are numerous benefits of live polling apps. Below are some of the most important ones:● Through live polling apps, the presenter can ask multiple questions to the audience at the presentation or when someone is finished with any presentation. This way the presenter can easily understand if the audience has any lack of understanding in any part of the presentation. Then the presenter will be able to work on that part specifically.● Live polling apps allows the audience to respond immediately to the inquiries of the presenter. This can be done through visiting a website the presenter wants them to visit, or the audience can text a number on their phone.● The polls are usually very easy to create depending on the application one is using. Questions can be created in the slide deck.● The polls can be even added in the PowerPoint. This is especially useful for topics that go off track and venture into another topic. It can also be useful for times when the audience feels a bit down. It will immediately perk them up.● Live poll results can be seen in Powerpoint whenever someone wants to. They can also be shared on PowerPoint.● The biggest benefit of these polls is the instant results it is able to get. The result is shown in a very polished manner. They can use graphs, charts, and even animated presentations.ConclusionWith the emergence of the internet, it has become easier to connect to other people. Live polling app is a step ahead in this whole process.