Does Demodex Die by Ironing Fabrics?

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54 days ago

One of the questions that Ungex has received is whether ironing fabrics like bedding and clothing destroy Demodex mites.._ Although intense and direct heat certainly plays an essential role in killing many microorganisms, including Demodex; however,using this solution alone does not seem to be enough to eliminate Demodex on fabrics.._ To make sure the fabrics are free of Demodex, do one or more of the following:_ Wash and dry the pillowcases, bedding, and other similar fabrics regularly._ Leave sheets and clothes in the sun for a few hours._ Leave the fabrics unused for about 2-3 days._ Dry winds can kill Demodex over few days._ And best of all, disinfect the fabric by applying a small amount of PDT.._ Remember that a little PDT can do great things. PDT can also be sprayed on the combs and other environmental surfaces to avoid Demdex transmission...#ungex_protocol #skincare_products #Natural_Solutions #Demodex_brevis #Demodex_folliculorum #Demodex_Mites