What Has Allowed Demodex to Become So Widespread?

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54 days ago


Really, why is the Demodex so prevalent in human societies?._ One of the causes that make Demodex so prevalent is the microscopic size and a large number of these insects, making it easy to transfer quickly under the radar.._ Nobody is born with mites. Newborns most probably get the parasites from their parents as Demodex in passed through close contacts. This is how most human newborns do not miss out on this almost universal blessing!!._ Unlike in the past, humans now live in crowded urban communities. These close physical contacts keep few people safe from this uninvited guest; imagine a busy subway.._ Demodex can also be transmitted through contaminated surfaces or personal items. For example, if you give an infected pillow to your guest, you may also infect him/her.._ So it is not surprising that in some studies up to 90% of people have the mite.._ To solve this problem, beyond unique products, Ungex has established particular protocols to save people who are in trouble with this uninvited guest...#ungex #demodexmite #body #skin_simptoms #takecare #dandruff #papular #Demidicosis #beauty #natural #Unique_protocol #macules #Skindemodextreatment #facemites